The SRV® test system

developed in practice, proven in practice

SRV® has proven itself in practice for 50 years. Now, it is the industry standard. Users in industry and research throughout the world appreciate its precision, reliability and technology.

  • SRV® is the industry standard
  • Proven precision and reliability
  • Practical and long-term comparability of results
  • Optimol Instruments provides a complete test infrastructure

SRV® was originally created by a lubricant manufacturer as a development tool. The results it obtained were subject to practical and competitive comparisons right from the start. The core of our product philosophy is guaranteeing the comparability of results in the long term, i.e. over many machine generations. A further constant for us is creating model test situations that approximate our customers’ practices as closely as possible.

Embedded in a complete test infrastructure

In addition to our test systems, we provide you with a complete test infrastructure. It includes everything necessary to achieve reliable results when investigating friction and wear in a model environment.

The infrastructure includes

  • Precision
  • Standards
  • Calibration service
  • Interlaboratory collaborative tests (round-robin tests)

Today, our technology platform has an enormous range of simulation options with industry-oriented parameterization options.