High-Resolution Analysis for detailed tribological analyses

High-Resolution Analysis (HRA) provides measurement results of the highest quality. This gives you deep insights into tribosystem processes. The output data are unfiltered raw data suitable for researching tribological failure and damage mechanisms. The formation of such phenomena can now be observed right from the start, even before they show up in the test results.

  • Raw data measurement in excellent resolution for detailed tribological analyses
  • Early detection of damage and failure mechanisms

How HRA works

HRA measurement of tribo-relevant data takes place continuously during the entire test run. It provides measurement results in high resolution quality for every period. The stored signals are both spatially and temporally resolved. By assigning a time stamp to each signal, all recorded signals can be correlated to a position in the tribological contact zone. The measured values are recorded with 24-bit resolution. For each HRA data channel, a data recording rate of between 10 µs and 10 minutes is available. The recorded HRA data are represented online during the tests either in graphical or numerical form.


  • You can observe the development of damage and failure mechanisms right from the start
  • Events that occur in the tribological contact zone can be monitored in detail.
  • You have the option of carrying out comparative investigations of static and sliding friction.
  • Measured values are shown with 24-bit resolution.
  • Irregularities in the surface area of the tribological contact zone can be identified.