Innovative analysis methodology

Learn more about your tribosystem with our TriboProfiling® analysis methodology. Its goal is to collect metadata about a tribosystem using dimension-reduced result variables. The results supplied by TriboProfiling® differ fundamentally from common tribometer results. Not simply measured values or coefficients, they describe mechanisms or characteristics that are observed in tribosystems.

  • TriboProfiling® provides knowledge about your tribocontact through dimension reduction
  • Obtain new insights about the mechanisms or characteristics of your tribosystem
  • Subsequent changes to the focus of your investigation are easily possible

Meaningful data for each objective

At the end of the experiment, you receive summarized results for variables and measured values. Depending on the objective, these may be mean and total values, ranges of fluctuation, change rates or assessment values for the statistical measurement error over the entire test history. At the end, a summary of all key test statements is generated. All test data is saved as well. If you wish to change the focus of your investigation at a later date, you can easily do so by accessing the stored data.


Automated evaluation assistance with TriboProfiling® gives you the certainty that your questions are being answered.

  • When is your tribological system seizing or when are components failing?
  • What does a specific friction coefficient level mean?
  • What does the curve of a measurement say about surface characteristics?
  • What is the meaning of changes in friction energy, friction power or the entire loss of energy due to friction during a test?
  • What is the meaning of a temperature increase or change in noise emission?
  • Where is friction energy manifested – in temperature, structure-borne noise emission or wear?