Combi Drive simulates friction contacts with complex kinematics

The SRV® test system provides three directions of motion (x-axis, y-axis, rotational) to simulate the relative motion between the friction partners. Combi Drive lets you combine these three directions of motion in one test installation. The result is great practical relevance when simulating friction contacts with demanding kinematics. One component usually contains several friction contacts, both at the microscopic as well as the macroscopic level. Likewise, the movement between the friction partners can take place multi-dimensionally.

  • Combi Drive maps friction contacts with complex kinematics
  • Simultaneous simulation of two tribocontacts possible
  • Modeling with great practical relevance
  • Test system construction according to your needs


  • The three directions of motion (x-axis, y-axis, rotational), as well as some motion patterns derived from these, can be combined in one test setup.
  • Two tribocontacts can be simulated at once (e.g. sandwich configuration).
  • Second rotation drive possible.

    A huge range of simulation options enables the integration of a second rotation drive in the test setup. Examples include the simulation of rolling friction with adjustable slip (wheel-on-disk), spur gears as well as the rolling of a disc on a rotating disc.

  • Expanding the measuring range to map tribosystem complexity so that it has as much practical relevance as possible:

    A test setup can include not only the three drive types and various movement patterns derived from them, but also the respective measuring sensors. The following analysis options are typical results:

    • Recording friction-related drive parameters such as friction, drive power, energy expenditure, torque etc.
    • Temperature measurement at different points in the test structure (optional Pt100 or thermocouple)
    • Sound measurement at different points in the test structure
    • Measurement of the total linear wear at two reference points of the tribosystem

  • Development of application-related test setups

Our development department builds setups for your needs

  • The appropriate arrangement of parts or components in the test chamber
  • Application-specific holders
  • Connections that link moving components to the drives