Optimum measurement resolution over the entire test load range with calibrated test load cartridges

The SRV® product family offers a test load range of 0-2500 N. As a user who works in different test load areas, you know the necessity of calibrating the system as soon as you wish to perform another kind of test. As a rule of thumb for measuring resolution, we say that a test load range that is ten times smaller leads to a resolution in force and friction measurement results that are ten times higher.

Simple handling for your test projects
Our calibrated test load cartridges ensure maximum measurement precision for your test projects, no matter what test load area you work in. The cassette contains both the load mechanics as well as the force sensors. Our system software automatically detects the type of test load cassette installed.

  • Calibrated test load cartridges from Optimol Instruments for maximum measurement precision
  • Easy to operate with short set-up times


  • Correct results thanks to constant high measurement precision over the entire test load range
  • Short set-up times
  • Easy to use