Radionuclide technology for wear analysis

We developed n-RAI specifically for model tribology – concretely, to measure wear with radionuclide measurement technology. It allows online wear measurement during the entire experiment. The occurrence of wear can be correlated with pre-set load variables. This is a major advantage over the tactile or optical measurement methods previously found in tribological model test procedures, which cannot measure and evaluate the chronology of wear development.


  • Evaluation of the wear behavior of your components in correlation with operating conditions.
  • Determination of the variables that influence the wear protection behavior of your lubricant.
  • Scrutiny of the relationship between wear rates and other tribometric characteristics.
  • Testing of the performance limits in the wear protection behavior of your lubricant under dynamic load collectives.
  • Parallel use of analysis tools such as ATD and TriboProfiling® provides a comprehensive evaluation of your product’s wear and friction behavior.


Your benefits

  • Real time correlation of tribological load values and wear behavior of a friction partner in the tribosystem.
  • Our laboratory-compatible radionuclide wear measurement technology provides knowledge of wear characteristics previously unavailable in model testing.
  • The radioactivity levels are radiologically safe and remain below all technically and legally relevant limits.

Example of a test on the SRV® test system, with n-RAI wear evaluation

Ill. Example of a test run with several levels of normal force. Comparison of the wear volumes and friction coefficient of three oils. Noteworthy is that the lubricant with the highest friction value does not cause the highest wear.