The SRV®5 VAC vacuum test system

for tests under high vacuum conditions

  • Tests in high vacuum
  • For vacuum pumps, space applications and more
  • Open for all standard SRV® options

Our SRV®5 VAC vacuum test system enables the investigation of friction and wear under high vacuum conditions. This test system is typically used for vacuum pumps or space applications. The principle? A vacuum of 10-6 mbar can be created in the specially developed test chamber. All standard test bodies as well as your own components can be installed and tested under vacuum.

All options of our technology platform can also be combined with the vacuum test chamber. A high-precision sensor measures the vacuum state during the test mode. The system is prepared for connection to a pump system that can be supplied either by the user or by us. In addition, the system can be used without a vacuum, just like a standard SRV® system. To study the service life of lubricants and materials under vacuum conditions in accordance with ASTM F 2661-07, a Spiral Orbit specimen holder set is available.