The SRV®5 X-AT test system

for extreme ambient atmospheres

With an application-specific test chamber, the SRV®5 X-AT test system with oscillation drive is designed to create the conditions for studying the tribological properties of materials under extreme ambient atmospheres. It can be equipped to apply pressure of up to 10 bar and/or generate ambient temperatures in the test chamber of up to 700°C.

  • Simulates extreme environments
  • Varies pressure, temperature, atmospheric composition

Test variables SRV®5 X-AT

  • Pressure
    Depending on the application, an atmospheric pressure of up to 10 bar can be generated in the test chamber.
  • Temperature
    The walls of the test chamber can be heated to approximately 700°C. We deliver an oscillation system in a high-temperature version, i.e. one in which test parts can even be heated to 1000°C.
  • Atmospheric composition
    The ambient atmosphere in the test chamber can still be defined by the production of hot steam and/or introduction of a gas.

Like all systems of our technology platform, the SRV®5 X-AT testing device can be equipped with many variants and options. We would be happy to help you - Contact

  • Atmospheric pressure in the test chamber: 10 bar
  • Ambient temperature in the test chamber: up to 700°C
  • Specimen temperature: Rt up to 1000 °C

The test principle is identical to the basic SRV®5 oscillation system.