Nothing is better than good arguments

Sooner or later, everyone who needs to analyze, understand and control wear and friction processes comes to us. Our customers trust us for many reasons. Here are the most important ones:

  • Technology leader in tribological model testing
  • Innovative strength for current technology
  • SRV® test system as industry standard
  • Provides in-depth knowledge necessary for R&D
  • Custom solutions with many testing options
  • Single-source products and services
  • Quality and continuity for reliable results and investment security

1. We set the standards – you benefit from them

“Made in Germany” quality, innovation and customer orientation

2. We are just like you – we always strive to improve

Our curiosity and your requirements drive us down new paths. As specialists for tribological simulation and measurement technology, we know how much potential the future of model testing for research on friction and wear holds.

3. We know what matters to you

As a manufacturer of complex technical products, you constantly face increasing demands – our technology platform helps you handle them. 

4. We offer new levels of tribological model testing

Our test systems provide developers with highly flexible tools for new dimensions of tribotesting. 

5. We build on quality and continuity

We thus ensure reliable results and investment security.